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Dawn after dental treatment

Implants changed my life. Dr. E. Smith I am so thankful for what you did for me. You didn’t pressure me at all but guided me to make the right decisions. I haven’t found anything I couldn’t chew. And so thankful that I actually have a smile to be proud of. Thank you, Timberlake Family Dentistry, you’re all the best.


Susan after dental treatment

I was very doubtful when I first arrived due to circumstances of my previous experience. But I was put at ease the moment I opened the door. Such a nice place and everyone was so pleasant. All of my dental needs were fulfilled, and I left with a great pair of dentures, a wonderful new smile and great friends. I would recommend them to anyone.

Evelyn – Lynchburg, VA

Evelyn before dental treatment
Evelyn after dental treatment



I can’t begin to express the gratitude and appreciation for such a wonderful dentist and staff. First off they make you feel right at home very welcoming! I hadn’t really smiled in a very long time because of the way my jaw seems to line up with my denture I felt hideous! I went to see Dr. Smith and after many visits to make sure they were right he replaced my dentures and aligned them. He gave me my smile back!! Thank you Timberlake Family Dentistry you are all Amazing!!

Mr. Short

Mr Short after dental treatment

I had dentures that did not fit well. The lower dentures would frequently come off when I was eating and sometimes when I was talking. Both upper and lower dentures hurt my gums and made my mouth sore. I met a man that had had all his teeth pulled and dentures made by Dr. Eric Smith of Timberlake Family Dentistry. He was very pleased with the outcome. I made an appointment with Dr. Smith and he examined my mouth and looked at my dentures and said he could make improvements. Dr. Smith performed some dental surgery and made new dentures for me. He modified my old dentures to make them work better while waiting for my gums to heal so that new dentures could be made. Dr. Smith installed four implants to hold the lower dentures in place. After the new dentures were made I had

several appointments at which modifications were made to the dentures to improve the fit and comfort of the dentures. Finally both Dr. Smith and I were satisfied with the dentures. They are a perfect fit. I put my dentures on in the morning before breakfast and take them off when I go to bed. I wear them all day without adhesive and in comfort. It is obvious to me that Dr. Smith is very concerned about his patient’s comfort and satisfaction.